Square Square Élémentaire

Xbunker, Sønderborg, Denmark 2017

Press release

With the exhibition Square, Square, Élémentaire, Simon Lindhardt shows a series of paintings and sculptures he has worked on duing the past year.

In his practice, Simon Lindhardt is interested in painting as a limited, two-dimensional surface, which holds the potential of a unlimited imaginary space.

In the painting series Élémentaire, the square format, hung diagonally on the wall, has been the starting point for a painterly study. The chosen format works both as a constrained area within which the artist has to work, but also as a focus and catalyst for the creation of an image.

The triangular shapes that characterize the paintings have occured as a consequence of the selected format, and their size and placement follow a specific logic in relation to the shape of the painting.

While some figures seem embossed into the raw canvas, others are made up of multiple layers of paint. They seem on one hand to lie behind the surface, as windows, rooms or recesses, and on the other hand, they appear on top of the surface, like elements, pieces, objects.

The sculptures too have an inherent limitation. They all have the same mass and originate from the same basic form. Each of them trying to break out of their common starting point by transforming themselves into unique objects. They are trapped in their common basic form, but at the same time, they are desperate and perhaps free in the attempt to brake down their barriers.

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